Rogue’s Gallery



The RUM RUNNERS – A NIGHT SO BLACK, the shadows were in shadow. A thick fog rolling menacingly down the straits. The kind of night where “decent folk” stayed indoors, a little shiver of fear running down their spines as they pushed the curtains aside and peered out their windows.

But not everybody. There were some who prayed for a night like this. Look around – you may see one of them at the table next to you. Johnny Schnarr, Bill Armson, ‘Red’ Garling: The Rum Runners. They and others are pictured on the walls.

On a night like this, their adrenaline flowed. Wispy figures moving swiftly around the fast boats; the Revuocnav (Vancouver spelt backward), the Malahat and many more. They could outrun almost anything (almost) that moved on the water.



Prohibition – quenching the thirst of the public south of the border, with runs into Washington, Oregon, even California. Running the gauntlet of hijackers, Feds, Mounties – anybody who for one reason or another wasn’t going to look the other way. Some (but not all) made it back to home port.

They might have landed so close to where you now sit that you could throw a stone and hit their ghosts.So raise your glass to the Rum Runners and the spiri t of adventure that l ives in al l of us! The name of our pub is a tribute to them and to you.

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